Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010-10 : Literary Tattoos

Many lovers of books and tattoos have combined the two. In my opinion, there is a magic in being able to carry your favorite quote with you wherever you go. I'm far from being the only one who feels this way. LiveJournal has a group called Bookworms with Ink in which people share their literary tattoos and ask for advice before getting one.
And so I ask:
  • Do you have a literary tattoo? Please share it with us and tell us why you chose it.
  • Do you have any ideas for future literary tattoos? Are there any quotes that you might one day want to have printed on you? (No plans on ever getting a tattoo? Just let us know what you would get if you were to ever get a tattoo!)
  • How do you think the author feels about having their work permanently inked on a fan's body?
I don't not have any tattoos, and because of my particular belief set, I will not be getting any tattoos.
I have forever thought tasteful tattoos are cool. (Tasteful to me = small, not on the face, not obscene, etc...) I have often teased my husband about how I wanted to get a little tattoo on my ankle or shoulder blade. I just didn't know what. A butterfly? Dolphin? Nothing seemed right.

A literary tattoo had NEVER occurred to me.

How completely AWESOME is that?!?

I clicked around in the links offered in this Weekly Geeks post, then went straight to an image search to inundate myself with the idea. Here is some shameless image swiping:

This exercise has put on more tick in the bibliophile category for me. I found that there aren't any quotes that come to mind that I'd want on me. (Except of course for "Don't Panic." Who wouldn't want that?) What I swoon over is that actual books. My favorite that I found was the huge stack of books (above ;) on the lady's arm. I would just want a smaller stack. So lovely.

While browsing I read on one lady who wanted the Desiderata on her back, but worried it wouldn't all fit. You're right, Honey. It won't. But I can sympathize. I love the poem with all my heart.

I also saw a lot of Twilight tattoos - especially that lion and lamb quote. I did wonder what Stephenie Meyer would think of that...and I decided she would...oh heavens I don't know. I only know what I would feel - flattered and embarrassed.

But as for Don't Panic...Douglas Adams was probably the one tattooing it on the guy's arm!


  1. I also love the stack of books but would never get it (my arms are way to flabby to showcase a beautiful tattoo like that one!)

  2. I love all the pic that you picked up to feature on the post - I am not a tattoo girl myself, but I love looking at them..


  3. I don't know about the book images, I don't particularly like them as a tattoo for some reason. I'd rather go for a quote, but wouldn't be able to decide which one to get. The stack of books on the arm is definitely too big in my opinion.
    As far as Twilight tattoos go, the owners probably will regret getting them one day.
    Oh, btw, I absolutely love your photos in your header. Fantastic idea!

  4. OMG How cool! These are perhaps the coolest tats ever!