Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010-09: Do books do the talking or do you want more from your authors?

Do you seek out interviews with authors of books you've enjoyed? Why or why not?

I have sought out interviews on occasion, but my motivation was to find out when a much anticipated book would be released, or how many books the author intended for the series. And a few times when writing a report. I am not usually the best researcher so I often get frustrated when "seeking out" things. I am not opposed to reading interviews, but find myself skipping/skimming many of the interviewer's questions, which can get tedious.

Do you subscribe to the blogs of authors you like? Which ones? All the authors you like or only certain ones?

I do follow, or have links, to a very few. I have read others, but I only come back if the writing is interesting and fun. If it is only signings announcements, awards received, or inside jokes, I don't bother. And all the sites I have read have been because another blogger linked me there.

Would you skip reading a book if you couldn't find out anything about its author?

As is probably evident from my previous answers, the book speak louder than the author for me. I would never skip reading a book because I knew nothing about the author. I don't even read the author blurbs in the back until I'm done with the book. I also have a touch of fear about knowing too much about an author - just in case, like with many actors, they are awful people (or at least...misguided?) and knowing that will taint my opinions of their books/movies. To be fair, I haven't run across this with any authors, who seem down to earth people in general, but the possibility exists.


  1. I know what you mean about not wanting to find out too much about authors. In my case, I think that authors, like a lot of artists, can sometimes be very angry or cynical, or hold views that I just can't wrap my head around. I'm not trying to condemn anybody, but simply say that sometimes I'd rather not know. Throughout history many people with difficult personalities have created beautiful works of art, and I think knowing too much about the artist's personality can get in the way of appreciating the art on its own terms.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't want to generalize unfairly. I do read interviews pretty often, and follow author blogs, and most of them seem to be great people. :) But I certainly understand your misgivings.

  2. Exactly! I am a subscriber to the Reader Response theory. :)

    My stumbling block is often politics. I know one book (which I thankfully didn't like in the first place) whose author had particularly odious political views that would have ruined the book for me had I like it - since he wrote those views INTO the book.

    Are you currently in Northern CA? I am from Redding! :D