Monday, March 22, 2010

Jadyn's Review: Mayk by Angie Sage

Introducing my oldest (10 years) daughter, Jadyn. She has grown into quite a reader of late and I've invited her to do some reviews for my blog. Enjoy!

MAGYK is about Jenna, Boy 412, and the Heap family.  It is also about how Boy 412 helps Marcia.  In the story Jenna finds out that she is a princess and people are trying to kill her.

What I liked -
1. I like how the story goes.
2. When there's action it's packed.
3. It was very interesting and hard to put down.

      I read 552 pages in two days.

      I felt such concern and sympathy for them and they felt real to me. I pictured Jenna as me but with longer blacker hair and a gold circlet or a crown on her head .  I pictured Nikko Heap as Xander (my little brother) but with a litte longer blonder, curlier hair and a bit taller too.  Septimus looked like Xander too, but taller and with much curlier hair.  Marcia looked a lot like Mommy but with longer black hair, taller, and most of all, fancier. Silas Heap, the father of all the 7 Heap boys, I pictured as Daddy but with slightly curlier hair and a bit shorter. Sara Heap reminded me of Mommy but with longer blond curlier hair and depthless deep dark green eyes like Silas and all 7 Heap boys. The other 7 boys I would explain but my time is running short.

      I LOVE Magyk.
      I'm Jadyn and bye!


      1. Lovely character descriptions! I'll have to update my and add this one to the list.

      2. Jayden, I loved this book too! Hopefully I can get to the others in the series soon. And I can't remember how I pictured any of the characters. I forgot already. But I'm sure Septimus is cute... because how could he not be? :)

      3. Jadyn, What a wonderful review for a wonderful book! I can't wait to see what other books you review!