Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reciew: Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey

Beauty Sleep
by Cameron Dokey
Fairy Tale
208 pages
published: 2002
For: Fun
4 of 5 stars

I have been delving into Cameron Dokey's world and have been loving it. Then I started this book. I didn't like the preamble. I was annoyed and figured if this was how it was going to go, than I would not be rating this book very highly! And then I felt a kind of relief that this author doesn't always do things perfectly, and that I'd come across as more "rounded" for disliking this one a bit. (Sometimes I wonder if I really shouldn't be as honest as that all the time...) Fortunately/Unfortunately the premable ended and the book started.

I haven't read a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, so I don't know if the twists in this story are "new" or "old." (Flash back to Rapunzel and not having any clue.) Regardless, for me, this book was twisty and wonderful. I loved it. Part of the joy I get from reading retellings is trying to figure out which character was going to fill the shoes of which "fairy tale" character. Was Prince Charming really going to be "Prince Charming?"  That sort of thing.

Again, I love Dokey's use of words and her style of retelling. It reads like a fairy tale. I love Aurore's spirit and how human she was with her desires and mistakes. I love the bad guys. I love the not so bad guys. I even loved the forest with a personality.

So? Go read it. But maybe skip the preamble.

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  1. With all your love of fairy tales, you should check out Carl's Once Upon a Time challenge. It's just starting up and is a VERY popular one in the blogging community.


    I'll probably join and think a bunch that I want to read, including this one! Sounds great. Robin McKinley has a Sleeping Beauty one called Spindle's End, and it is very different, if you want to try that one. (I may have a copy and you can borrow, but I can't remember for sure!)