Review Policy

Review Copies

I am happy to receive books for review.  This is on my sidebar, but I'll repeat what genres most interest me:
young adult (YA)
fairy tales and retellings
historical fiction
general fiction
middle grade (MG)
war novels
picture books
 I do not want thrillers, erotica, gay/lesbian, crime, or environmental books. I do not appreciate gratuitous language or graphic sex. I am not interested in (or capable of) accepting ebooks, and I don't want self-published works.

I rate books on a 1 to 5 star scale, with the occasional rule breaking 6 star book. Here is a LINK to my scale. I usually include a warning about graphic content or the ages for which I feel the book is most appropriate.

I do not promise to review the book. I am a busy mother of 5 and can't always do everything I want to do. But the chances are good. If I like your book even a little I will be excited to promote it. I will be honest about my opinions, but make every effort to explain them, and to be fair and kind. If I dislike your book - a zero to one star - I may not post a review. I may not even finish reading it. I rarely find any pleasure in a negative review. I may try to find such a book a home with another reader/blogger who I feel would appreciate it more - I may not. If I do, I will let you know.

I will try to post the review near the release date. If there is a specific day or time frame you would like, please let me know and I will accommodate to the best of my ability. If you are interested in a blog tour, guest post, or giveaway, I am game to try! :)

Review Copies for Jadyn

If you would like Jadyn to review your book, she will be thrilled. She is most interested in:

fairy stories
animal stories
contemporary MG

Jadyn is currently 10 years old. Keep in mind that a book sent to my daughter is a book sent to me. I will read it first. I have veto power if I deem it inappropriate for Jadyn. I will discuss the book with her. I try not to overly affect her opinions, but can not guarantee that I won't affect it at all.

The review will go one of three ways: we will both review the book in separate reviews, Jadyn will review the book alone, or I will add a mini-review or addendum to Jadyn's review.

Still Okay?

If you made it through all of that and are agreeable, please contact me, or Jadyn through me, at:

                              julieann535 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thank you for stopping by!