Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010-07: Commenting

Commenting. It can be a fun way to connect to your readers. It can be the a source of frustration as a blogger. A comment can make your day. A comment can cause an argument. Today let's talk commenting.

There were a million questions about comments, but as I'm new and don't get many comments, and don't have much experience. But I have a few things to say/ask.
  1. Comments are wonderful. They are happy-making. Thrilling when it's someone who hasn't commented before. A single comment can make my day and make a post seem worthwhile. But I think comments are like chocolate or potato chips - once you have one you want more.
  2. What are trolls and flamers?? Do people out there really say mean things? This is inconceivable to me! Can anyone tell me about some experiences?
  3. As much as I love getting comments, I am not always very good at leaving them. Often because I can't think what to say beyond, "Cool review. I want to read that!" which sounds really dumb when I go to write it. Even more lately, as I read more blogs and see all the followers and commenters, I think my tiny drop in the bucket won't matter and my contribution would be unnoticed or even unwelcome. Any of you with many commenters have an opinion on that?
  4. Resolution to comment: check.
  5. Commenting on the comments I get? I am not always good at that. But I guess I should at least be saying Thankyou, huh? Where are my manners?


  1. I'm not even sure what trolls and flamers are, but yeah... basically mean commenters. So far, I've no experience with this either.

    I have the same problem with leaving comments, especially on a post that already has a ton.

    I think that people who do get lots of comments still love comments from people, even newbies, even ones that say "cool review", even everybody!

    Commenting on your comments I think is a good thing, and lets those commenters know you are alive and that you are enjoying what they have to say.

    Comments, for sure, are fun yet frustrating thing.

  2. Yeah, as inconceivable as it is to you, my darling, this is my all-time favorite troll comment on my personal family blog, from a sister-in-law's brother whom I haven't yet met in real life: "There is nothing so bad in life that a Relief Society Sister can't make it worse." I'm laughing now, but it stung like a bee for a while.

    Comments are usually validations, really enjoyable when done correctly. I have difficulty commenting often, but will make a better effort at commenting around more. :)

  3. Sometimes, all we need to know is that someone, anyone actually read our words and we aren't shouting into the void.
    What's great at WG is we are encouraged to go around and meet the other participants and have a reminder to remember to go back and check.
    I've been blogging for years now and have never had any trolls, and I can't remember my last negative comment.
    Nice to meet you! (sorry if this is my first visit and/or I don't remember.... sigh)

  4. Your posts sounds so familiar. I am new to book blogging and I am so happy when someone left me a comment, it feels special to know there's someone out there actually reading your posts. I'm also often intimidated by other people's blogs and find it hard to leave comments, but you said it made your day so I thought I'd try ;-)

  5. @Suey - mental note to say "cool review" at least once a day!

    @Michelle - Man, them dang RS sisters! ;)

    @Care - nice to meet you!

    @Candletea - and you did make my day!

  6. I leave a lot of "great review" ones and never know how to reply to the same ones on my blog. It's like my brain shuts down.