Monday, March 22, 2010

The is SUNSHINE in my soul today!

Suey gave me an award!! How totally amazingly awesome is that!?!?!

I've been thinking about who to pass this one on to...
and I've decided that my reasons,
though possibly silly,
are as good as any other reasons.
If it makes me smile - that is Sunshine!

Diary of a Quilter because she makes me come back and read even though I'm not a quilter. Not even a sew-er. She is fabulous.
Typing with My Toes because she is obsessed with Fablehaven. And if there were box seats to obsession, I'd be sitting next to her.
Reading Thru the Night because she was (somehow) right there and leaving great comments when I began blogging again.
One Librarian's Book Reviews because her blog always makes me feel calm and "mature romantic garbage" makes me smile every time.
Candles and a Cup of Tea because she gets my Jane Austen thing and we reviewed the same silly book on the same day once.

Have a bright and lovely Spring day!!


  1. Thanks for the award, Julie! It makes me happy that you've enjoyed my Fablehaven stuff. I've felt like it's been over the top & possibly annoying, so you've just made my day. :) Thanks.

    So, I'm new to all this blogging stuff, particularly now am I supposed to pass on the award to someone else? Is that the way it works?

  2. PS-I love your blog picture. The chair, the books, the snow. It's great :)

  3. Awww! You just made my Monday. :D

    Thanks so much!

  4. You made my Monday too! How sweet!

  5. I've never gotten an award, thank you! You made me smile on my early morning before driving class.

    It's weird how you can come across a blog and remember it because of small things like reviewing a book on the same day, but it is how it works.

    I might be late in noticing, but your new banner/header looks great. Beautiful chair and books. I want a chair like that!

  6. Aww, Julie. Thank you!! That is so sweet of you. You made my day. :)