Monday, March 29, 2010

Listful Mondays: Where Do You Do It?

 Welcome to Listful Monday again! Upon some reflection, I realized it would be much easier to participate if I gave the heads up as to what I'd be listing next week. That way thoughts could stew for a week and a list would just POP out. Right? Right. So this week I picked a real easy one and I'll put next week's topic at the end. But again, I would love to read any list of yours.

{Places you read, or have read.}

  1. on the super squishy couch in the family room while the baby plays on the floor
  2. in my bad at night
  3. while rocking in the nursery to a lap full of kids
  4. laying on my belly on the futon in the library
  5. in the bathroom *blushes*
  6. in the kitchen while eating, or waiting for the water to boil, etc...
  7. in the tent, while camping, to restless kids
  8. in the car waiting to pick up or drop off
  9. outside in the swing or the hammock
  10. out loud in the hospital
  11. on the beach
  12. in class
  13. at the doctor's office
  14. out loud to a working husband (painting a bedroom, in the garage....)
  15. while hiding ( the closet...)
  16. while watching tv (or husband is watching a movie I don't want to see)
  17. in the car (either out loud or CD cuz I can't actually read in the car)
  18. while walking - usually around campus - though this can also make me dizzy/sick and is only a last desperate resort
  19. while walking a baby (this could be anywhere in the house, and since it mostly involves swaying or pacing I can manage it with much more frequency)
  20. in stores - waiting
I generally keep a book either in my hand when I move locations, or in the car, or in my Life (purse to the rest of you) so I have a book at all those "waiting" locations. A Life has to be big enough to hold a first aid kit, a diaper, and a novel.

 Where do you do it??

{Next week: Book Food (food mentioned or described in books) that you want to eat or have eaten.}


  1. Fun list idea! I'll get mine up shortly.

  2. I'm back already. That was a fast list to make! Here's my list link.

  3. I love that you test out purses based on what fits inside them. ME TOO! ME TOO! People think I'm crazy, but if the purse can't hold a book, I'm so not havin' it! :D