Thursday, March 11, 2010


I came to realization that commenting was often like small talk. I don't have anything against small talk. In fact, it is probably one of society's biggest lubricants. (Now don't blame me if that brought any questionable references to your mind!) The problem is that I have never been good at small talk. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, even when they are positive thoughts. I can remember many a time that while sitting next to someone I wanted to know better, my mind and mouth froze - I could think of nothing to say. I have noticed a similar problem with commenting and commenting on comments. Geez. Small talk. A work in progress.

I have been reading and reviewing A LOT of fairy tale retellings lately. This is partly due to my love of the genre, and partly due to a recent book club for which I read 4 retellings. It is happenstance that my return to blogging coincided with this fairy tale binge. I really do read much more widely than this. But I am loving my current obsession.

Fablehaven 5 by Brandon Mull (a local Utah author) is coming soon. March 23. How freaking exciting is that!! There is a launch party which sounds really cool...but I don't know that my hoard of noisy children would mix well with lines. I'm still thinking about it though. Regardless, we'll be out on the 23rd grabbing our copy!

The next Sisters Grimm is coming out in May. Book 8: The Inside Story by Michael Buckley. Way excited for this one too!

I wanted to mention that I loved loved loved this new version of Emma. It was longer than your average movie (4 episodes) so it had time to get through more than just the twists and turns of the storyline. This version focused more on the relationship between Emma and Mr. Knightly. They fought. Over and over. And it was glorious. There was sarcasm and teeth grinding. {Swoon} There was all the other stuff too - the soap opera confusion and the necessary humbling of the over confident Emma. The experience was even better because I watched it with two newbies. One was my teenage friend who was properly involved and stressed and asking questions (which I wouldn't answer) and making predictions. The other was my brother who was exasperated because he couldn't tell one male character from another, but who thought it was surprisingly entertaining. He was concerned most for Jane Fairfax and Harriett, wanting to watch the movie through to make sure they got happy endings as well. Good stuff.


  1. Wow! You are getting this blogging thing SO down! :)

    Where do I get this new Emma? Is it on DVD?

    I bet a Fablehaven launch party is one that will be vey kid friendly. I bet it will be crawling with them!

    Comments! Aren't they the best?

  2. I grabbed my dvd at Costco. I took a chance. :) And I agree that my older kids would be thrilled at the Fablehaven launch...but I'm worried about the 10 month crawler/walker who will not want to be held, and the 3 year old whiner that doesn't like being away from home. Sigh.

  3. THEY HAVE IS AT COSTCO?!?!?!?!?

    Oh my, I absolutely fell in love with this movie.

    {Swoon} is a very good description.

    @ Suey - first I watched it on and then downloaded all episodes on itunes (for a measly 6.99). Just in case you are like me and have to watch it RIGHT NOW :) and don't have a Costco close.

  4. I also freeze up when it comes to small talk with people. I'm horrible at it. I'm also horrible talking about "what I did over the weekend", etc. I used to gab so much as a kid. I don't know where this awkwardness comes from!

  5. I liked the new version of Emma, I think it's better than the other movie versions. I wasn't sure I liked the actress playing Emma at first: she does seem to do a lot of overacting with the eyes the first two episodes (rolling them, popping-out eyes, etc), but I think she got better towards the end. I loved the Mr. Knightly-Emma fights as well. So much anticipation to what's coming!

    I am not very good at small talk either, although I'm noticing I'm getting better at leaving comments at blogs. I know the feeling of wanting to get to know somebody and going completely blank as to what to say. I think I find it hardest to reply to small talk in comments with something that sounds half-useful.

  6. @ Christina & Candletea - it is very comforting to know I am not the only one with difficulties in this department. About the awkwardness...have you ever said/done the wrong thing? For me the awkwardness after then is a million times worse the the awkwardness of not saying anything. It can be hard to shove aside the fear of that happening again!

    PS You both come across of well-put-together-accomplished commenters!