Here are the "regular" things I like to do around here, besides reviews...

Because I love making lists, Listful Mondays is a weekly list of some bookish thing. I am always excited when someone joins me in my list making, rather they work with the same topic as I do, or not. I try to include each week what topic I will be listing about the following week. Come join me!

One of my great loves in literature (yes, literature) is the picture book. I have studied picture books and the writing of picture books, and I attest to the fact that they are an art form like unto poetry. Poetry with pictures! Since I have many favorite picture books, picture books that I consider as near perfect as any book can be, I try to review one weekly - or so. If you have little ones to read to, love picture books like I do, are an aspiring writer, or want to check out something new...I hope you'll pick up one of these Perfect Picture Books.

As a way to (1) give a shout out to fellow bloggers with wonderful reviews that suck me in, (2) share my excitement about my ever-growing TBR pile, and (3) keep better track of the books I want to read NOW, I started Black Hole Reviews. It is a simple list of links to the books and the reviews that caught my attention and what genre they belong to. I also include pictures of the covers when I can. If you follow a few links you might get sucked in as well - by a book that screams your name or a new blogger that speaks your language.

If anyone feels inclined to participate with any of my features, please feel free to grab a button. Just link to me. And of course, let me know so I can come read!