Monday, March 22, 2010

Listful Mondays Makes an Appearance!

I have wanted to add a wee more structure to my blogging. It would be especially helpful in weeks like the last one when I get little reading done. But it couldn't be anything too difficult or research intense. I happened to think about my penchant for making lists on one listless Monday - that being the exact phrase in my head at the time for some reason. For obvious reasons, the ideas merged. I mentioned my delicate seedling idea to my photoshop savvy husband, who hauled off and made me a button on the spot. (That is still shocking to me. Where was the necessary procrastination and requisite stressing about the potential failure of it all??)

So now I have a button, a happy husband, and no choice but to proceed. [Step #9 was supposed to be a joke, but he stuck it on there anyway. It refers to Sleep Talkin' Man, which is a pee-you-pants hilarious place. But don't go there if you can't handle "colorful" language.]

So. My plan is to put up a bookish list every Monday. It will have a "theme" or "question." I would love for anyone to join me. If you do decide to participate, please leave me a link or your list in the comments. And for the record, I don't care if you use my theme or if you just write me your shopping list. Oh, and please grab the button if you want to play!



  1. How terribly funny! I have a Listless Monday feature with themed book lists. Love the button! Looking forward to seeing your lists.

  2. @Melissa - I remembered that when I saw your post today! I wonder if that is why "listless" was floating around in my head? Probably. :)

  3. I think I will try this. Maybe it will help me reach my goals and actually blog more. Thanks for the idea!