Saturday, April 3, 2010


WARNING: This is a very self-indulgent post. Not worth reading.

I brought the computer upstairs so I could catch up on blogging while sitting next to my sick husband and waiting to give my oldest her next dose of anti-nausea medication, but my mind is so fried that I can't pull it together to write any of the reviews buzzing in my head. So I'm going to share a bunch of low-lights.

First, I want to register what a horrible blogging week this has been for me. I couldn't rub two minutes together to type up anything. I literally have a list of all the posts and reviews I want to do. I haven't even been able to visit (and meet and follow) all the new people that visited me last week yet. Frustration! I had a church activity this week for which I was a planning participant, my second little girl turned 6 on the 1st, and the week deteriorated into a horde of sick children...but the biggest reason was the cranky 11 month old boy who has a vendetta against my computer.  (Seriously, this kid knows how to pull out the power cord, hit just the right keys to open/close things, and switch off the internet access. He also knows that banging the screen triggers my current "bug" making the screen go blank, and he likes to lick it. All of it. It's shinny. Gack!) So if I haven't responded to a comment, or visited you, it is NOT because I don't plan on it or want to. I'm in the midst of a lesson in patience.

And now for a series I'd like to think of as Books Have Finally Addled My Brain.

(1) This Christmas as bought my husband the first 13th Reality book. James Dashner is a local author that I've heard endless wonderful things about and I figured my husband would love it...and I'd get to read it later. :) Recently, I found the first two books at our Costco, so I grabbed the next book as well. Mr. Husband has now informed me that I bought him the second book for Christmas when I thought I was buying the first, and that I bought the first book at Costco when I thought I was buying the second. Huh? I'm not usually that clueless. Help?

(2) After proudly showing my brother (who, for the record, is not a "fiction" reader or an artist of any sort) my new header for my blog (we have that sort of relationship - I share what is important to me and he dutifully listens/looks and ahhs at the right places), when he asked where I had acquired the pictures.
"I took them!"
"You own that chair?"
"Which she bought just for the pictures." (Thanx Mr. Husband.)
"You put it in the snow?"
"How'd you get it out there?"
"I carried it."
"And the books?
"In a forest."
"Well, kinda."
"And took pictures of it?"
"Where are your footprints?"
"I, uh, walked up the side, way over that way, and around that tree, them put the tray there to hide anything."
Incredulous stare.

Every answer was more sheepish. I rarely have felt so silly. But later I plucked up my resolve. Crazy I might be, but I love my pictures. And winter will be the hardest season. It's all downhill from here.

(3) Another humbling conversation, this time with my 8 year old son.
Me: Looklooklook! I have 15 followers! Isn't that great?!
X: 15 is...not that many.
Me: But...but...a month ago I only had 4. (whimper)
X: Well...that's an...increase.

(4) There is no period in my header. And I can't just FIX it. That requires Husband's help since he did something to resize it and upload in some special yaddah yaddah way. Grumble grumble.

(5) With all the blogs I'm am now reading and following, I find I'm having an association problem. My mind is on overload. For each blog I want to remember the name, the look/layout, the blogger's name, and bio info. That's four things! For each blog! How do you all do it? I'd really love to hear any tricks you have.

Hoping next week is better for blogging. :)


  1. Oh hey, I like the header and didn't even notice the missing period!
    I can't remember everything about the blogs I'm following either. It seems (with time) some of them stick in my brain more than others - especially the ones with comment interaction.

  2. I *LOVE* the pictures of your chair in the snow. And my level of respect/admiration for you just went up learning you staged and took the pictures yourself. :) I was going to ask about the pictures and am happy you posted about it. :)
    I love reading your blog and look forward to my next trip to the library so I can pick up a few of the books you have reviewed! Thank you for your hard work and dedication Julie!

  3. HEY. This post is totally worth reading.

    I love the pictures and find it fun that you took them and could actually tell someone about it. (I took my header picture too! But I'm always feeling silly as I do it, even though I have a helpful husband too.) And I also have a header problem that's really buggin' me and I don't know how to fix. Two of them actually. But I'm not saying what!

    Make that 26 followers and 44 subscribers. Sheesh, it's going up FAST!!

    Keeping track of everyone is nearly impossible, but after awhile and a bunch of interaction, they all form personalities that helps to keep them straight.

    I love that you seem to be loving this blogging experience. And having up and down weeks is all part of the game. Enjoy! :)

  4. Really...ditto to all of the above. Adding to that, my love for that monster sticking out his tongue as you photograph his nefarious deeds. And what brother can't appreciate the lengths to which you go for the sake of art, for crying out loud? :) Keep up the blogging. We are all addicted!

  5. I love the pictures of your chair in the snow as well!

    Sometimes weeks can be annoyingly hard when it comes to blogging, but I'm sure you'll manage to catch up and I'm sure you'll keep your followers :-)

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog. (A follower now) I'm a visual person and LOVE your header!!! So classy. Are you going to move the chair into different seasons? I will check back soon. (queen bee)