Friday, April 30, 2010

Bits and Even Smaller Bits

So...I put in the new comment system. I love being able to reply directly, but I don't know if it is all worth it yet. Please let me know if it is miserable to use. If it takes to long to load or even if it won't let you comment at all. (Email me if that is the case.) I am not opposed to pulling the whole thing. BUT what is it going to take for blogger to make threading possible? Can we protest? Have a comment sit in? Throw rotten tomatoes? I've actually thought of moving my whole blog over this issue...but then I chillax and remember that I'm opposed to work in general and that sounds like WAY too much work. But Bloggies, we need a plan!

Our first ARC arrived this week! (Happy Dance ~ dada da DA) But it is really for my daughter. (Though I am absolutely going to read it first because I am over-protective like that.) This leads me to ponder (1) how strange/wondrous/unfair this world is that she gets her first ARC at 10 years old after 2 review posts, and (2) what an awesome Mom I am. Hehehe.

I've come to terms with the fact that I steal book summaries from Goodreads or whatnot. I do not know why, but it used to be that I would get so annoyed with writing out a summary that I would put off reviewing a book. Lame. But I'd stare at the screen and try several times...and it just wasn't fun. So my first solution was just to not summarize at all, this stemming from the idea that if I have read it, surely everyone else has since I'm always so far behind. I have come to realize that is not true. We all read very different things!! And if I come across a book review for a book I haven't read, I get really lost if there is no summary. The moral of this story: cntrl C, cntrl V and problem solved. Peace out.

I have put up new tabs (seesee) and linked all my reviews and I'm so proud of myself. :) But this made me realize that scanning through what I've reviewed doesn't give you much idea of what my favorite stuff is. Only what I've read in the last few months. I'm thinking I need to review some of my favorite things from the past and make my awesome lists look more awesome. That's the master plan.

Spring is here! Of course that means snow on the poor flowers as often as blue sky....but Spring! I am waiting for some fields in the mountains to pull out their blossoms so I can grab some more epic-type pictures. Wish me luck! I'm way excited for my Spring header. (And Spring picturing is far less hazardous than Winter. So nice.)
This in not related to books, but Somebody I dote on every day turned ONE this weekend. I'm in shock. But he is just so boo-tee-full. And is a cake throw-er. Who knew?

Ooh! And I learned how to put holds on at the library. Suh-weet. (Hush up! I may be slow, but I get there. :P ) And I took the kids to the library to look for Keturah and Lord Death, (which they said they had. LIARS.) and we left without any new books. You see, it's not that my Hellions squeal/scream/shriek or unshelf books or have to go to the bathroom as soon as we enter or run around - they do do all these things - but the problem is they get lost. As awful as they might be, I'm kinda attached and tend to panic when I can't locate them. Librarying will have to wait till Dear Husband is there to help corral. Or one-on-one library outings.

And I'm rambled out.


  1. I think the thread thing to, on the comment thing, except that I sometimes hit the wrong reply button. But I don't like having to log in to something to reply. I just want to reply, quickly and fast!

    So glad you figured out how to do holds, but so sad that your kids give you so much grief at the library! Oh, well. It's life.

    Very cool about your first ARC, and that is too funny that it's for Jayden. Nice.

    About summaries, I just think about how I'd tell someone, in person, if they said to me, "so what's this book about anyway" and that's what I write. No stress, no pressure, and usually, no detail. That's what reading the book is for.

    Now... let's see if my comment works!

  2. I LIKE the thread thing, is what that's supposed to say. And now I'm using to to fix my typos above. And now I see that if I post as a guest, the right picture shows up. Interesting.

  3. Rats. What am I doing wrong? I wrote a comment and it disappeared in nettoware!

  4. I also have trouble sometimes with writing book summaries, in which case I will just use the one from the back of the book. I currently have a few different books that I need to review and I'm just not in the mood, which will happen occasionally.
    Congratulations on your first ARC, and one your one year old!