Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jadyn's Review: Fairy Realm books by Emily Rodda

FAIRY REALM Books 1 - 10
by Emily Rodda
MG, Fantasy

It was amazing and MAGICAL series of awesome tasks and adventures. On the way Jessie finds out that she is a fairy princesses.

What I liked

1. Jessie is granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Belairs. Mrs. Belairs has an amazing identity an always comes to her rescue.

2. Jessie has a charm bracelet given to her by the folk of the realm and presented to her by Queen Helena.

3. It is sooooo extremely interesting and exciting. It was an extreme series and I want to read all of Emily Rodda's books that she has written and will write!

Here are the books in the series:
  1.  The Charm Bracelet In it Jessie saves the realm.
  2. The Flower Fairies  It is an extraordinary book about .......about...............FOR PETE'S SACK IT'S ABOUT THE FLOWER FAIRIES!
  3. The Third Wish  Is an awesome book about a young mermaid and her mistake.
  4. The Last Fairy Apple Tree The gnomes are scared that their greedy greed will betray them.
  5. The Magic Key is about Jessie's birthday and her wonderful and frightening party and mishap.
  6. The Unicorn  is about the marvelous creatures of the DREAM FOREST.
  7. The Star Cloak is about Jessie's encounter with creatures on STAR MOUNTAIN.
  8. The Water Sprites is about the mean and jerky, restless sprite.
  9. The Peskie Spell is about a spell that needs to be found and gets found.
  10. The Rainbow Wand is about a young girl in the realm and the fight.
That's all I'll say for now.

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