Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Moments in Photos

That is a headband that Jadyn has reassigned as a bookmark/handle. I thought her very clever and funny. And that book is the second in an awesome series by Kathleen Duey. I really need to get around to reviewing some of the backlog.
This guy loves book too. He likes to hit himself in the head with them. He likes to steal them and run away. He likes to open and close them. He likes to rip out pages. But mostly (you guessed it) he likes to eat them. Somehow, I know just how he feels. That does not, however, make it okay that he ATE my signed copy of Fablehaven. Cretin.


  1. Cute pictures. My two year old finally got to the stage where he can look through a book without tearing the pages out, which is quite a relief.