Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black Hole Reviews: Sucked in by YOUR Reviews

I thought it would be fun to put up a weekly (or whatever) list of the books that I read about - on all of the wonderful book blogs I know - that most sucked me in. These are the books that I immediately added to my Goodreads list so I wouldn't forget their names. These are the books that I've been thinking about this last week and wondering when I'd be able to get my hands on them.

(And thanx to my husband for another mind-blowing button whipped up on the fly!)

Check out these books and awesome reviews by some awesome reviewers!


  1. I think this is a great idea! The Passage is definitely on my list of books to read though I've been avoiding reading any reviews of it because I'm afraid of finding out too much. I've never heard of The Morning Gift though I have read other books by this author which I've enjoyed, so I'm going to check out this review now. Thanks so much!

  2. This is always a great idea. Bart's Bookshelf has something similar, although it's not a regular post, but he refers to it as a "Bad Blogger". It's when you read something just because you saw it mentioned or read a review on someone else's blog. It's also part of his Twenty-Ten Challenge for 2010. I think you'll probably end up with alot of interest and a new weekly meme. Love it!!!

  3. Awww, thank you for the shout out!! I really appreciate the link! I think you will love Ondine, it's such a fun book!!

  4. What a fun list! I can't even remember them all now, but I should write them down.

  5. Simcha - I'm glad someone is interested in following my links. I get excited about all these books and want to pass it on!

    Carrie - Your welcome! And I'm very much looking forward to that one.

    Stephanie - Oh goodness! I hope I'm not copying! And I wasn't trying to "start" anything! But if people like this idea and participate I think it would be lots of fun!

    Melissa - Please do!