Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've Been Interviewed!

Hey Bloggies! My friend Stacy over at A Novel Source interviewed Jadyn and I today. Please go check out her beautiful blog and leave her some love!

And because this post would be too short otherwise, let's have some book + picture fun. I really want the first one. :P


  1. I just read the interview and I am so glad that Stacy introduced me to your blog. I look forward to following your and Jadyn's book reviews in the future!

  2. New layout = fun!
    LOVE the second picture.
    I'm off to check out your interview. Happy Monday!

  3. Nice! (Both interview and spring's arrival to your blog!)

  4. Welcome Molly! And thanx for stopping by!

    Thank you Juju and Suey!