Sunday, May 16, 2010

Realizations Inspired by a Bad Book

I have discovered:

About myself -
          If there is a book I'm supposed to read, and I don't want to read it, I will find any means to put off reading it. But out of guilt I will not read anything else either. Reading screeches to an unhappy, guilty stop.

About Jadyn -
          She can push through a section in a book that nearly killed me by with violent eye rolling, and quickly catch up to my book mark. She is perseverance in a bottle! I really expected her to "set it aside" and absolve me of having to finish the dang thang.

About my Mom -
          When I try to explain glaring, laughable plot holes to her, she will defend those holes, come up with wild scenarios to make them accurate, and then pull out of her butt the caliber of a handgun required to kill a bear in a single shot. ?!? Mom, what have you been doing since I moved out?

About my Friend -
          She will listen to my endless ranting and surround me with sympathy. Thank you Dear. You are an island of sanity for me.

About my Brother -
          He will immediately jump to the same conclusion as I did, and even use the same vocabulary as I did in my head. That I'm going to be blacklisted. Rock on.

About Everyone who had the Misfortune to Listen to
Me in the Last Few Days -
          That honesty is the best policy. This I know. I never had any intention of being less than honest (though perhaps had hoped to escape) but it does my heart good to hear that everyone values honesty so much.

Have you had any realizations lately?


  1. Honesty is often the best way to go, although it can be very scary. I really enjoyed this post.

  2. hmmm, did you have bad day too? No water in our house except what we bought at the store for the past 2 days....YUCK!!!

    wishing you better, sunny days!

  3. Can't wait for that review! :)

  4. Stacy - A situation like that would be awful! I'm glad things are getting fixed. My little difficulties are nothing like that!

    Christina & Suey - Looks like I'll have to do some sort of review...I'll let ya'll in soon!

    Iris - Not only scary, but sometimes terribly unpleasant. But gotta do it!