Monday, May 3, 2010

Listful Mondays: Book Pet Peeves

Book Pet Peeves
  1. Dog-eared pages.
  2. People who break the spine when they read.
  3. Computer-read audio books.
  4. Covers that have nothing to do with the book. (example: The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery)
  5. Price tags that won't come off or leave sticky stuff behind forcing me to break out the goo-gone.
  6. Another story about "becoming a man." (I referring to "literary" stories {ya know, the only ones with merit*} from my college classes. As we all know, there is nothing more important than how to become a man.**)
  7. Writing in books. (By all means, write in yours. Don't write in mine.)
  8. Books with no summary on the flap or back. I don't care what so-and-so said. Tell me what it's about!
  9. Library stickers right over the blurb.
  10. Twenty pages of reader quotes in the the beginning of the book. Does anyone read those?
  11. Typos. I know these books get copy edited up the wazoo. I can imagine the frustration of an author who finds some typos have slipped through.
  12. Binding errors - like when the words get sucked into the glue for the spine.
 p.s. I'm not really all that uptight. These things bug me but I'm not likely to lose my cool. Unless you break the spine! :)

I'd love to see your peeves, please join me!

* I'm referring to opinions other than my own.
** Can't we all just agree on a sarcasm icon?
    {Next Week: Sections in My Library.}


    1. I'm with you on most of these. Those library stickers covering up the blurb really get on my nerves a lot. Why can't they put the sticker over something else?

    2. Yes, I've wondered why libraries do that. Plus, I don't buy a book if it doesn't have a blurb about the story. I don't want quotes from other people either.

    3. O-Oh, I'm one of those persons who breaks spines. Simply because if I don't do it and it's a large book, it will happen in an "untidy" way through reading.

    4. My list:

    5. I think libraries and book stores must hire people who HATE books to put on the stickers, because they do always put them in the most horrible places! And I agree with hating the no summary on the front flap or back of book- it's like some publishers think if an author has a fanbase that we won't be bothered to worry about something so silly as plot.

    6. I agree with so much on your list...I am one of those "don't break the spine or dog-ear" people too.

      Here is my list:

    7. This is fun! I nodded my head on all those points. Can I play along, even though I haven't been part of Listful Mondays before?

    8. I hate people that write in library books!!! They should be hung my their toes!
      As for library stickers, I agree they're annoying, but the put the stickers in the same place on all the books; they don't care what's under it for the sake of unity.

    9. I totally agree with all of your peeves, except I hadn't thought about #12.

      Whenever I request a library book, I always pick off the tape residue from previous times.