Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Things

I've lost track of how many tags I got for this one on facebook. But facebook and I don't work that closely together, so I'm doing this here.
  1. I grew up swimming in lakes and wading in the ocean, so unlike most people here, I find the chlorine in pools disgusting, the crowds disturbing, and the scenery seriously lacking.
  2. I get my nose wet when I eat whole apples. Love apples. Gala and Fuji.
  3. I'm as naturally bad as any kid or man at putting things away. I will actually not see the mess until I look for it.
  4. I have never been east of Colorado or north of Oregon. (Not counting Yellowstone.) But I love to travel and hope to actually do some of it some day.
  5. I knew I wanted to be a writer in 4th grade and have never wavered. At this point I have had 2 poems published (or to-be published) in the national market. Otherwise, it is mostly on hold while my children shred my last brain cells.
  6. I have been going to BYU for nearly 12 years. No, I'm still not graduated.
  7. My favorite classes have been Creative Writing Picture Books, Adolescent Literature, and Folklore.
  8. I learned to crochet during the 4 months I was on bedrest with Xander. Now I can do dresses and probably anything else.
  9. I love to decorate and make things beautiful, but the most important design element for me is functionality. You won't find "pretties" just lying around on the floor or couches with 5 million pillows to be arranged.
  10. I can't eat chicken. Intolerance thing.
  11. I love collecting books. One my biggest space problems is all those books. I dream of some day having a LIBRARY with a couch.
  12. I was diabetic during one pregnancy (also Xander) and can count carbs, prick my finger without flinching, and will argue with you about rather corn is a vegetable. (And I'd be right!)
  13. I knew I was a mom when I found myself catching vomit rather than letting it get to the couch or the carpet.
  14. I used to carry a fully packed diaper bad ready for any contingency into every store or house I entered. Now my kids are lucky if I find a crumpled diaper on the floor of the car. Live Dangerously!
  15. I love playing frisbee and baseball.
  16. I don't like dogs. Especially small dogs, which I've called Punt Dogs for more years than I can count.
  17. I hate the color red.
  18. I was a huge tomboy as a kid. No hair combing. No dresses. Dig up dead cats and squish road kill. Fill your pockets with frogs kind of tomboy.
  19. I desperately want to write YA/MG novels but am too afraid to start one.
  20. I had a "fascinating" older brother and spent much time as a child on military hikes (ask me sometime), learning how to behave according to which body part was shoot, jumping off cliffs, and trying to tackle a much larger person only to be thrown across the room.
  21. I love fantasy novels, but could do very well with science fiction. And you can keep your Star Trek.
  22. I dislike the cutesy names forsed on small people and have adapted most to have butt, monster, bug, snot or the like in them. Cutie Butt, Cranky Butt, etc...
  23. I love music. I love to sing, but not where you can hear me. I love to play the piano, but if anyone asks, I will deny it.
  24. I have the best husband in the world.
  25. Speaking of tomboy...I loved to collect ladybugs at reces and once filled all my pockets and lunch box with them and took them back to class. Another student opened said lunchbox. *Giggle* I wish my memory didn't short out there. Though my mom remembers being called in to meet with the teachers while they incredulously discussed her "little girl."
I'd tag people, but I'm probably the last one.


  1. Don't like chicken or red? Sheesh.
    Start the novel already. Sheesh.
    The classes you mention sound so fun. Why didn't I think of taking classes like that? Sheesh.

    (Did you see that your bookword is coming in second? Last I looked anyway. But the #1 word is going to win by a landslide anyway, I think.)

  2. oh that's funny, 'cause i was coming on the blog to make the same comments regarding awesome red and fantastic chicken :)

  3. No people, I CAN'T eat chicken, not I don't like it. I love it. It's kinda like a lactose intolerance thing. Eating chicken isn't worth the PAIN.