Friday, May 9, 2008

Utah Destruction

I am so sick of Orem destruction I could...could....could....puke kittens! And all the destruction is taking place on the roads I use. All of them!
  1. 8th N is torn up from nearly I15 to Harmons (past my house)
  2. the intersection of 4th N and State destructed (the path I use to go anywhere south)
  3. 6th E (the little road right by my house) is clogged thanx to new sidewalks and tree destruction
  4. 8th E North of us (the way to Scott's work) is recently reopened (for the third time)
  5. 8th E South of us is completely trashed from Center to the Mall (this is the littlish road on the other side of us)
  6. 7oo N (the alternate path to 8th E now that 8th E is a war zone) was closed last time I tried to use it -- and I don't even know why!!!
  7. AND there is crap going on on 4th S, which I don't use, but needed today.
On my way home I was sick of driving through orange cone cattle shoots, so I drove all the way over to 8th E to avoid it all. Note # 5. I forgot. Piss on a rock!

Last time I was driving with Scott I mentioned my fed-up-ness and yelled, "Next time I'm gonna get out and...and...PEE on it!" (I first thought of ramming it, but that would hurt my car!) My dear sweet husband responded, "Why don't you let me do that." Hahaha! I guess that would facilitate a rapid getaway.

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