Thursday, May 15, 2008

The End of a Really Horrible Kyra...I Mean Day

You know what I have been thinking for the last two hours? Just that I would HAPPILY go straight to HELL at this very moment (and probably will considering my behavior) because it would mean a likely 70 years...WITHOUT KYRA!!! But even if it was only 10 minutes...that is still 10 minutes Kyra-free...and that would undermine the very point of Hell. Bring on the eternal burning!

Every minute of today with her has been awful and I had been hanging by a thread since 4:00, but when we brought home dinner, the end was within sight. Oh, if we could only sprint! (Ha! Kyra sprint? when I want her to?) It was just Kyra, Aspen and me, and after the normal amount of cajoling and screaming and tongue bitting and food spilling EVERY-FREAKIN-WHERE, I left the kitchen to distance myself before anymore nasty things popped out of my mouth. I returned to find Kyra had moved her eating spot, again, this time to under Aspen's high chair. Yes, she was lying on her back in a bed of thrown food, dipping her nachos in the liquid cheese positioned above her head. And Aspen, of course, was dropping even more food bombs down on her SPECIAL NEEDS sister.

This is where I literally collapsed on the stairs in one of those fits where you can't tell if you are crying or laughing. Oh Sweet Hell, where is thy comforting, warm embrace!

My life (and hers) was spared because Scott returned at that moment from Xander's school play. I am off duty. I am in search of some serious drugs. Anyone have any they could share?


  1. All I have to say is - 44 oz diet coke from the chevron drive through - it is my poison of choice. It gets us all buckled in the car where no one can stangle anybody and I get a treat.
    Sorry you had such an awful day honey. Your almost there, it is almost the weekend and your fun camping expedition.

  2. Julie, I should keep better tabs on your blog...I could've spared you! Did you call me and I wasn't around? I hope your weekend turns out okay.