Monday, May 12, 2008

Pet Peeves

This will be an educational journey. I'm not sure what they all are, but I know they exist. So here I go.
  1. Christmas books or movies when it is not November or December. I try to hide them away so the kids can't pull them out.
  2. Drivers who know the lane is ending and still drive all the way to the end in order to get in front of everyone else and thereby causing the traffic to back up. Just let them sit there for eternity!
  3. Smokers. Can you be any stupider? And if not, stay in your house and kill yourself in the stinkiest manner possible away from the rest of us!
  4. Not having appropriate clothing and footwear. It has to do with being prepared. If there is a possibility of breaking down, I don't want to be in dress shoes. Some people dream about going to school nightmares where being at school without shoes. On the same note...women in movies wearing inappropriate attire. Have you ever noticed the percentage of females thrust into adventures when they happen to be wearing a sexy evening dress? Or worse, some sort of swim wear of negligee? If you were heading out into the jungles of Costa Rica or about to explore ancient caves in search of treasure, would you want to be in stilleto heels and a skirt split up to there? One should always keep a good pair of boots and comfy jeans in the car or bag.
  5. The words panties, purse, or blouse. Gross.
  6. Hunting. I'm not an animal rights activist, I just don't think killing should be pleasurable. If you're going to do it, at least eat it. And don't put it on your wall. Sick.
  7. Environmentalists.
  8. Professional sports. Get a life.
  9. Postmodern teachers. Postmodern novels that said teachers love.
  10. People who don't buckle their kids up.
  11. Breaking a book's spine by not holding it right when you read.
  12. Not rinsing your cup so that later I have to soak it to get out the milk or juice residue.
  13. Unfinished sentences. Scott specializes in un....
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll post and addendum if I need to. Now I want to hear about your pets.


  1. On the subject of driving, my pet peeve is people who don't signal appropriately. I mean, if you are slowing down in the middle of the street, let me know it's 'cause you're turning left, not because there is a hazard I should avoid or your car is breaking down, or whatever!

    Oh, and people who have dogs or cats and don't spay or neuter them, and then complain to me in the grocery line that their dog or cat is having ANOTHER litter and how irritating that is! It's all I can do to not smack them.

  2. I think if I started a list of pet peeves it would never end. I am an easily annoyed person - plus I am sure some people would find it offensive because some of my family members drive me absolutely batty!

  3. Not you!!! my family - and well, you know who drives my batty in the inlaws.