Monday, May 12, 2008

Alphabet Games

Suey made an alphabetical list of favorite authors, and well, how could I resist not doing that? My rules were:
  1. No more than 2 authors per letter
  2. The letter could be in either the first or last name
  3. The author had to be someone I really liked - usually someone who has written several books, all of which I really liked. On a few difficult letters I had to pick authors who have only written one book that I've read -- but the really liked rule had to still apply.
A Lloyd Alexander & Douglas Adams
B Brandon Sanderson & Michael Buckley
C Christopher Paolini & Charlotte Bronte
D Emily Dickinson & Deborah Talmadge Bickmore
E David Eddings
F Raymond E Fiest & Conrnelia Funke
G Garth Nix & Gary Paulsen
H Shannon Hale & (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)
I Irene Hunt
J Jennifer L Holm & Jane Austen
K Karen Hesse
L Lois Lowry & Laurie Halse Anderson
M Anne McCaffrey & Stephenie Meyer
N Donna Jo Napoli
O Janette Oke
P Michelle Paver & Tamora Pierce
R JK Rowling
S Angie Sage & Sonya Sones
T Terry Brooks & JRR Tolkien
V Virginia Euwer Wolff
W Scott Westerfeld & Laura Ingalls Widler
Y Jane Yolen
Z Markus Zusak (This one I haven't read, but want to, and who else starts with Z?)

If anyone knows any Q, U, or X people, let me know. This exercise has pointed out that I would fit nicely in the 'I' spot when I have published a hundred totally awesome books. Hehehe!! There is a need for me!

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  1. Way to go! There's a bunch of authors here I haven't heard of that I'm guessing I better check out.

    I'll be waiting for your hundred awesome books!