Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fictional Crushes

I got to thinking about fictional characters and why I have crushed on certain ones. I mean, there are tons out there - heroes of all sorts - but there are only 3 that pop to mind when I think of crushes. Why is that? So I was analyzing myself and my 3 crushes and came to this conclusion....I like guys that are powerful and could protect me from anything. I guess I like to feel safe. I also like the guys who are really good guys. And, yes, all these guys are beautiful (well, Garion is in my head) which is nice, but I think I care less about their faces and more about their physical strength. Here are my crushes:

Garion from the Belgariad, which started with Pawn of Prophesy, by David Eddings. I read this series as I young teenager (it's 10 books long) and have never shaken my crush on Garion. He ends up as the most powerful magician in this fantasy world, though the journey there is long, and he stays this moral, lovable guy. He makes his mistakes, of course, but ahhh.... He also tends to shape shift to this huge wolf. And wolves are so cool.

Although this is old and obvious, I really like Edward. He too is capable and powerful as well as moral. And very devoted and romantic.

And then there is Jason Bourne. He is fictional but in our world where he battles with wits and weapons. While he is actually an assassin, he is trying to do the right thing.

What I found interesting was how different my 3 crushes are - one in a fantasy world, one a mythical creature, one with military training in the "real" world. (The Bourne movies do come from a book series, though I haven't read them, just watched.)

So, my question is, who are your crushes and why? Is there a theme? How long have they lasted? I'd love some sharing....


  1. I've had a crush on Laurie, from Little Women, forever :) And I heart Landon from the movie version of A Walk to Remember

  2. I have so many fictional crushes that it's scary.

    The first one you listed I've never heard of though. I'm going to have to go look him up!

    Like brandyrose, I always loved Laurie too and could never figure out why Jo rejected him.

    I've always felt a concern and a drawing toward Heathcliff.

    Of course there's Mr. Darcey. Of course.

    And Gilbert of Anne of Green Gables. Love him to pieces.

    And Michael from Princess Diaries.

    Roger from Wives and Daughters.

    I love Sam in The Lord of the Rings... though I'm not sure he's "crush" material.

    I'm forgetting someone big... not Edward... someone else... oh, well. Maybe it will come to me during the day and I'll be back! :)

  3. Oh, I thought of two more, who are very similar, actually...

    The first one is Jakob Daw from Davita's Harp by Chaim Potok, who is the delicate and damaged and rejected lover of Davita's Mama, and is a writer. The second one is Hannibal, the single, delicate, violen playing sidekick of Benjamin January in The Free Man of Color series by Barbara Hambly. So, I guess I have a soft spot for the underdogs :)

  4. okay, my final fictional crush is (drum roll please)...Jim from The Office. He is tall and handsome and super romantic and very sweet. I love how he courted Pam and how nice he is to Michael sometimes, even though Michael sucks. He's just an all around stand up guy, and I heart him :)