Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alphabet Games

A- attached or single: Absolutely Attached

B-Best Friend: Scott

C-Cake or Pie: Cake. But there's nothing wrong with pie (as long as it's not cherry or sour)

D-Day: Saturday. Scott is home and there is no schedule.

E- Essential Item: Soft water - without it I develop this sort of flaking, eczema, peeling, broke out sort of leprosy. Or maybe sensible shoes. Or perhaps that goes under phobias.

F-Favorite Color: Green. Sage Green. Green. Always.

G-Gummi Bears or Worms: neither please. Can I have a real treat?

H-Home Town: Redding, California. A beautiful, hot place with trees, mountains, and lakes. It's in northern California. No, I mean NORTHERN California.

I-Indulgences: Since I've already done a guilty pleasures post, I'll do a new one...daydreaming. Fantasizing about living in the pacific northwest, by the ocean, in the trees, writing, walking on the beach...heaven.

J-January or July: July. I would lower the temperature too. Holy freak.

K-Kids: 4 Jadyn, Xander, Kyra and Aspen.

L:Life is incomplete without: My family and the outdoors. Specifically trees.

M-Marriage Date: June 20, 1998

N-Number of Siblings: 8. 4 older half siblings - 2 sisters and 2 brothers. 4 younger siblings - 3 brothers and 1 sister.

O-Oranges or Apples: Apples, fujis or galas

P-Phobias or Fears: Worms. Or anything worm like, really, as in centipedes or caterpillars. But not snakes. I like those.

Q-Quote: This it too big a question. I'll to with: Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things. Oh! and...Come to the dark side, we have cookies.

R-Reason to Smile: I could my family here too, but I'll go a different direction. My sense of humor is all about absurdity, randomness, and wit. So, I love The Hitchhikers Guide, The Princess Bride, Stranger than Fiction kind of stuff. Lots of picture books. One liners.

S-Season: Fall. Pumpkins, leaves, perfect weather, Halloween, school, colors, the breeze, Thanksgiving...

T-Tag 3 Friends: I'll tag people least likely to comply - Michelle, Tammy, and Brandy. And Suey, cuz she might do it, and I'm really curious.

U-Unknown Fact About Me: I like to pull on people's eyelashes (gently. kinda.) to pull out the "loose" ones. I just happen to also like the little pop when the lid snaps back against the eyeball. Come on - don't you hate getting eyelashes in your eyes?

V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: I like meat. Especially with BBQ sauce. But apparently the writer of this was a vegetarian and felt obligated to label others.

W-Worst Habit: I crack my knuckles. Dang it.

X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds. What a weird question.

Y-Your Favorite Food: I really like food! Um, ribs, seafood, salad with italian dressing, Lim's Cafe in Redding, Cafe Rio, eclairs, lasagna...

Z-Zodiac Sign: Libra.


  1. I can I pass up that little blip, "Suey cuz she might do it and I'm really curious"! Funny. Well. So... stay tuned I guess!

  2. Dude, Julie, you have me pegged, don't you? I was thinking, "Nope, not gonna do it."

    Then I saw your reverse psychology bit on there about me not doing it, and now I can't decide if you're trying to trick me into it or what. You know, like the Battle of Wits scene with poison in the cup of wine in The Princess Bride?

  3. Then there's me... how can I not do it after that "she might do it" comment? :) And yep... I did it. It's up. It's fun.

    Just do it Michelle!

  4. All Right, I did it. http://mchllchndlr.blogspot.com/2008/06/if-your-friend-jumped-off-cliff-would.html

    BTW, I loved yours!

  5. Well, goodness, while I enjoy the idea of being a manipulative mastermind, I fear I'm being falsely represented. There wasn't a whole lot of forethought going on. But I am happy to know you 2 well enough to be a thorn in your sides. Bwahahah.

  6. Holy pig feet! I commented under the alias of Robyn. That was sobering. But no - I'm not Robyn. Moving on...