Friday, January 15, 2010

My Holy Grail...from a Used Bookstore Perspective

Aren't they beautiful!! Old and worn AND shiny and classic. Ahhhh. I want them all!
Welcome to Cal's Books in Redding, CA. I shopped here whenever I could a get ride when I was in high school. Things have changed a little since then. The place was bought from its hippie owner (No disrespect intended. I totally liked the guy.) and the hazy back room of 'herbs' and such has disappeared. Now it appears to be some sort of alternative religious section. And the Fantasy section has doubled. And they now play catchy jazz music - like suddenly-find-yourself-bopping-along-while-scanning-book-titles catchy. Fabulous. Otherwise, everything is still the same.
(The Fantasy/SciFi section. Well, 1/3 of it.)
These two pictures don't quite capture this complete section of the store. I tried. And this section is only 1/3 of the store. This place is the BOMB! You can find everything here - from old national geographics (like I needed for a school project), YA (drool), political, romance (a massive section), maps, music, cookbooks, classics, to really old stuff. I used to bring in bags of books for credit to buy new ones. Maybe next trip we will plan well enough to bring out the stuff we don't want for trade.

Scott and I had a blast. We only wished we had a hours instead of minutes!!


  1. My parents shop there all the time :) I have millions of memories of wandering around and discovering treasures (like the non Little Women books by Louisa May Alcott...An Old Fashioned Girl and Rose in Bloom are two of my favorites for 10 year old girls to read)

  2. Actually it's Eight Cousins, not Rose in case Jadyn wants to read them :)