Friday, January 15, 2010

How I Know...

...these are my children:
  • They cleaned the house for a promised trip to the library.
  • When we asked Kyra if she knew where Daddy's spine was, she said, "Of course!" and drew a line from his armpit to his hip. ?? On the side, like a book.
  • Xander will get ready for bedtime in record time (while off his meds) for a single page from Septimus Heap.
  • Jadyn decided she wanted her allowance paid in books.
  • Kyra has been as excited as I've ever seen her about the Kindergarten take home books, and she can't read yet!
  • When I told Xander how I have a whole library filled with adventure stories like Septimus Heap, he replied, "I know, Mom." In that insufferable voice.
  • Jadyn told Santa to surprise her. Santa brought books. Jadyn said it was just what she wanted.
  • Aspen has been reading Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton out loud to everyone for days.

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