Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My World

As I was getting out of the car to go into the store this morning, I looked over at the beautiful pile of books on the passenger seat. I had just borrowed them from a friend and had placed them in the cleanest and most secure spot in the car. Now I was suddenly nervous. I couldn't leave such tempting things right in the front seat! Someone would surely see them and break into my car. (This is not an idle worry for me - my father's, brother's, and husband's cars have all been broken into.) I didn't want to move the books to the floor or the backseat where they could get dirty or stepped on. Then I spied the solution! I pulled a blanket from the back and covered them up. Good enough. I pulled the little girls out and waddled into the store.

On the way it occurred to me that books might not be a huge draw for car thieves. Quite likely they look for purses, stereos, and things that will fetch a price. Hmmm. Well, all you book readers should be glad I'm not a car thief, because in my world books on the front seat would be a terrible temptation.

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