Monday, January 12, 2009

Confessions of a Idiot

This one goes under the idiosyncrasies category.

I've had a bib quandry for some time. Bibs are easy to come by, of course, you can buy them in packs of 10. But I quickly learned that a bib that doesn't cover the entire baby is no good. I then went on some bib adventures, including one that involved those plastic bibs that you wipe clean after the meal. Well those don't work for me. I tend to not clean anything immediately and plastic bibs with dried food are impossible. I like cloth. Get them dirty, then throw them in the washing machine. That is what technology is for.

Then I got a stack of bibs from my ever crafty get-everything-done sister in law. They are homemade from bath towels, bigger than the baby's chest and shoulders, with bias tape sewn around the outside to form the edge and the strings to tie the bib on. (Velcro doesn't work for long, and snaps just get pulled out.) These were wonderful and saved my life through most of Xander, Kyra, and some of Aspen. They are worn out now.

This sparked 2 bib missions. One was to make more bibs following the same pattern. I now have a huge bag of towels cut into bib shape, matching bias tapes, and cute appliques for the corners. Nothing much will ever happen with these because one, I hate my sewing machine (it is over 30 years old, weighs 500 pounds, and requires expertise to thread and use) and two, I suck. Really, I suck bad. I never have sewn much, so making a neat line that stays perfectly at the edge of both the top and bottom layer of bias tape is basically impossible. This sent me to the store where I found fairly large, thick cloth bibs with elastic-over-the-head baby attachments. I purchased these and have since decided this is the way I will go. I have to accept my personality defects to some degree, ya know.

Here is the point. I had purchased 4 of these bibs because there were 4 different ones - 4 wording/color styles. I had even struggled with getting one of them because it had the most obnoxious phrase (if you think I'm cute you should see my mom) which so does not apply that I am embarrassed to own it. But what could I do? I really wanted more than 4! (Confusion from all you well adjusted people, no doubt.)

A few days ago I confessed an epiphany to my husband. While pondering the need for new bibs, and blue bibs, I had happened upon the realization that I could buy more than one of each style. This was big to me. I was thrilled with my brilliant solution to this problem. The really funny thing is that it didn't even occur to me how ridiculous I am until I was saying it out loud to my poor husband who didn't realize how truly impaired I am.

While I was expounding on my brilliance, the alarms went off. The "why are you confessing this idiocy" and "are you seriously that infantile" and "this was an epiphany? you twit!" alarms had me seizing up with laughter. My husband was having a good laugh at me too. I don't even know the source of this strangeness - a symptom of OCD?

Anyway. I'll be going to the store before this one arrives and buying bibs. I will find the ones I like and clean out the store - buying more than one of each style.

It's so exciting when you feel yourself growing.

*It is also ridiculous how long this post is - but what can I say? I'm a writer.


  1. Nice! That was a great read! I am horrible at sewing as well! I am glad you found a bib that will work for you. I use these aweseome ones from Europe called "Tommee-tippee" they are plastic but you can trow them in the dishwasher if you want.

    Or just google it, I am sure you can find them on ebay as well..this roll and go one I linked you to is a newer one..I have the older ones..they are GREAT they catch all the food...Tehya eats her food from the bib..and they are so easy to rinse off...(mind you I would say these are more for 6+ months once they start eating "food" :)

  2. i'm the same way (well, not about bibs, but, you know...) about my clothes. when i find a shirt i like, i buy one of each color, but i would never buy two that were the same. i mean, people might think i don't wash my clothes. my cousin has a 49ers jersey he wears like seriously every day, and i'm in awe...

  3. Last week I went to my first sewing class and I actually learned how to sew those bibs made out of towel - bring em on up next time you come - or mail them to me and I'll do them. But I didn't learn the bias tape way - we used t shirt ribbing - that stretchy stuff that goes around the neck of your shirts.

  4. I used those kind of bibs with Mal. The towel with T-shirt ribbing to form the neck hole. Loved them! Good luck with your bib adventure!

  5. Julie, I seriously giggled when I read your post. you slay! :)