Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yesterday at School

Throughout my school experience yesterday, I was struck again and again with how beautiful our world is. Walking past a bush I saw a complete and perfect spider web that formed a funnel down into the bush, and couldn't help but smile at the ingenuity, hard work, and loveliness of that spider's web. Then I turned toward the mountains and could see all the red dotting the mountain sides and smiled again at the contrast of color and the vibrancy of Fall. Later, while walking back from the bookstore, I saw the whole mountain range reflected in the glass wall of the JFSB. I could see those red bushes and even the Y captured seemingly inside the beautiful building. And just to the right I saw Mt. Timpanogos peaking over the JKHB, covered in snow and providing a resting place for a few fat, puffy and quite innocent looking clouds.

It was a relief to see that this place is beautiful, even if it's not the kind of beautiful I would have chosen. It was relief to notice all these things and remember that things are good, and peaceful, and beautiful...even during times of stress, business, worry, and illness.

I'm grateful for those moments yesterday. The natural world loosens the knots in my chest that I don't even realize are there until I suddenly feel myself able to breath again. And it was a tender mercy to drive home thinking of the mountains and trees instead of dinner, bedtime, and papers due.

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  1. what a special experience; thank you so much for sharing. it's so important to be present in our lives, and that's something i can use reminding of :)