Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jane Austen in Real LIfe

I recently had to ride in the car with someone I wasn't exactly happy to be in close proximity to. I worried about my ability to make conversation (I never was a good small talker or a good actress) and act like everything was cool. Thankfully there were a few others in the car as well.

Conversation did take place. We discussed the cold snap and forecast for snow on the valley floor. We talked of how sad it was that summer was over and how the heaters had to be turned on. Then we spoke of the construction on 8th North - wondering why the cones where still blocking lanes when the line were painted and everything seemed in order. The grass and the median were all considered in our deep and thrilling conversation which had taken us all the way to the freeway.

This is where a movie quote (I can't be certain it is from the book because that is the ONE I haven't read) popped into my head and made me smile for the rest of the drive. This is a quote that I had previously thought was outdated - could not be applied to our day and time. But I was so wrong. You see, I had instinctively followed the advice of Mrs. Dashwood (and I won't quote it accurately I fear, but I'm lazy) when she said, "If you can say nothing appropriate, please limit your remarks to the weather and the condition of the roads." (The roads part may actually be taken from a different part of the movie, but it mattereth not.)

I was quite pleased with my Jane Austen moment and thus endured the remaining of the ride very amiably.

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  1. we've all been there julie; good job on holding your tongue--that can be SO hard!