Monday, September 20, 2010

Listful Mondays: Reasons to Step Out of Your Bookish Comfort Zone

Listful Mondays!! Hopefully everything will be back to the regularly scheduled program.

Saturday was the Utah Book Bloggers Summer Social. It is the fourth one, but the first that I have been to. My husband stayed home with the kids and I caught a ride with Suey (It's All About Books). Nervous to meet a park full of strangers? Yes.

Reasons to Step Out of Your Bookish Comfort Zone...
  1.  Book Bloggers are really nice and rather sedate.
  2. Cool new and not-so-new local authors to see.
  3. Getting to put my name in the new author's ARC so I can be on the blog tour.
  4. Bringing home 2 new books from the book swap, one from a different new local author.
  5. Getting out of the house without children. (A phenomenon so exciting is eclipsed the nerves. Mostly.)
  6. Putting faces with names and sites.
  7. Actually talking to some of the bloggers, and not just the ones I already knew.
  8. Having one blogger pause while passing me and my name tag (which we write out blog names on) and exclaim, "Ooh, I love your blog!"
  9. Not having anyone spoil Mockingjay.
  10. Listening to the conversations. Yes, listening. For a while I had an author conversation going on one side, and a book conversation going on the other. My attention swiveled from one side to the other.
  11. Comfy camp chairs and fresh air. (Ha! There was so much wind we almost blew away. I had to shower all the grit off when we got home. But it was fresh!)
  12. Knowing that the next time I will feel more comfortable and might even speak up a bit. (At least among book people, they don't look at you too strangely for your shyness/anti-social tendencies. They either empathize or are used to it.)
I have sat on this posts for weeks because I couldn't find the time or organization skills to put up all the links to all the bloggers who attended. I can't sit anymore, so I'm cheating. Please click over to It's All About Books (Linked you twice - ha Ha!) and see more (better) pictures and links to the awesome attendees. Phew. Now I can move on.

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  1. I guess I'm a little slow (based on the date), but this sounds great. I have considered planning a retreat sometime with bloggers I have become friends with. Such a delightful world.