Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Letter

 (Hiking in Logan Canyon)

Dear Bloggies,

As is obvious, Summer and blogging didn't mix for me. With all 5 critters home all day there were no peaceful nap times with the computer on my lap. At first, I was horrified and stressed. I begged and bribed and wheedled. I ranted and fussed and complained. I tried writing late at night. I tried writing midst the chaos. I threw a fit. I pouted and sulked and whined.

And then I accepted it and gave up.

Things were better after that. Though I much missed your blogs and comments.

But I was able to read. Some I read out loud to everyone. Some I read in my swing while the critters played outside. Some I read with one hand while holding the baby so he would sleep with the house spinning around him. I have much to review and discuss.

School started today, and while things aren't "back to normal" yet since my husband is upstairs nursing a back this moment Baby boy is asleep and the computer is unmolested on my lap. :) So much to do!

And anyone attending the Utah Book Blogger's Social this Saturday, I hope to see you there. It will be my first social. I am excited and nervous. Big smiles!

Bookingly Yours,
A Small Accomplishment


  1. I only had one kid start school today. The college kid starts next week, and the charter school kid starts the week after that. Weird year for us this go around.

    So happy to see you back at the blogging thing!

  2. I have a family reunion this weekend, so I'll miss the social. Bummer! I would have liked to see you and not talk to you. (This is just a joke, since I'm so socially awkward that I didn't talk to a single person at the last social unless they approached me and forced me to talk)

  3. @ Juju and Suey - Thanx so much!

    @ Brenda - I was very sorry to miss you. I would have loved to sit next to you without talking. There's a natural camaraderie between fellow socially awkward people. :)