Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PPB: Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley - Illus. G. Brain Garas


I don't want people to think that, in my opinion, only rhyming picture books can be perfect, so I'm throwing in some southern prose.
Saving Sweetness
by Diane Stanley
Illus. by G Brain Karas
Picture Book
published: 1996


Mrs. Sump is so mean to the ophans that little Sweetness runs away. The sheriff is duty-bound to find that little 'thang' and save her from the hot hot desert and that nasty outlaw Coyote Pete. But who really saves whom?


I was first introduced to this book at a writing conference where I was privileged to hear Diane read it out loud to us. We were in stitches. It was glorious. I had to immediately acquire my own copy and have loved reading it to my kids since. It is a tad longer than your average picture book, but you won't even notice. You'll love the resourceful, polite, clever Little Sweetness and that good-intentioned but hapless Sheriff. And the book is a wallow of fanciful and funny southern sayings. I challenge anyone to read it out loud and not fall into a southern accent, fake or otherwise. And the ending is funny, sweet, and laced with my all-time-favorite, poetic irony.

Please check it out! You won't regret it.

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