Friday, December 5, 2008

And This One From Jen

It's that time of day again. The time when we don't know what to do with ourselves until Daddy gets home. So I'm doing another tag post.

My 8 favorite TV shows
1. nope
2. seriously
3. I don't watch TV
4. I do rent Bones when the whole season comes out. But I don't watch it during the season.
5. What a waste of time!
6. On very very rare occasions when I don't have a book or something and Scott isn't home I'll switch on late night TV and the only thing are our 3ish channels is Scrubs reruns and I'll watch that for 30 minutes then wonder why
7. The TV will NOT tell me where and when I will be.
8. And I won't have cable channeling crap into my house.

8 Things I did yesterday
1. got help learning how to use my phone
2. found a babysitter for the work Christmas party
3. went to enrichment for a little while
4. found an important person on facebook
5. forced Jadyn to finish her homework despite all the times she lied to me about it
6. thought about doing Christmas cards - still thinking about that
7. searched for leapster games on Amazon
8. managed to NOT throw up and finally fall asleep after midnight

8 favorite places to eat
1. Lim's Cafe in Redding, CA
2. Round Table Pizza
3. Cafe Rio/Costa Vida
4. Olive Garden
5. Red Lobster
6. Tucanos
7. Los Hermanos
8. Bangkok Grill

8 things I am looking forward to
1. giving everyone their Christmas gifts
2. finishing my degree
3. not being pregnant
4. writing again
5. Saturdays
6. online orders arriving in the mail
7. getting the Christmas tree decorated (the kids broke the lights and I had to get new ones)
8. the dishes being done

8 things on my wish list
1. music actually on my mp3 phone
2. a bigger house
3. I'll go with that losing weight sentiment too
4. a new oven
5. I'll also agree with abolishing computer games (is warcraft the online one that Brent keeps trying to get Scott to play? If so -- DIE COMPUTER DIE!!)
6. a haircut I like
7. lasik
8. a trip anywhere for any amount of time with just my huband


  1. Random: the other day Aaron's like: "I want you to be able to get Lasik." Ok, I'd love it! Seriously? (still don't know)

  2. you crack me up :)

    DO NOT ever let him get started on the #@%! game!!!!!!

    Remind me to tell you about my friend who had 3 bad experiences with Lasik just in her little family.